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How Restaurant Owners Can Take Charge of Their Franchises

How Restaurant Owners Can Take Charge of Their Franchises
By Dot It August 6, 2019 No comments

There’s no doubt you want to be a successful restaurant owner. Nobody wakes up in the morning hoping things are going to go wrong in the kitchen, the website is going to crash, and the orders are not going to arrive on time. One way to prevent these things from happening is to take control your franchises. But everyone needs a little help, and with Dot It’s restaurant owner tips you will be on your way to operating a successful franchise. Dot It’s Brand Fulfillment can help you source, print, pack, store, ship, and market your restaurant saving you time, money and headaches.

Protect your brand

Controlling the look of your franchise branding is as important as the taste of the food you sell. That is why Dot It has a track record of helping clients ensure that their franchises have the same look and feel from store to store. Dot It can provide custom print solutions for menus, stickers, employee uniforms, and much more. And since we print in house, you can rest assured that everything will be consistent from order to order. This ensures franchise locations order only corporate-approved products, so you won’t have to worry about one of your locations going rogue! Don’t believe us? Check out this case study from Which Wich to see it in action.

Manage store inventory

Your storage closets and floor space can fill up quickly in a restaurant. No longer do you need to try to jam one more box of supplies into the closet. You can easily and effectively free up floor space with Dot It’s warehousing and distribution services, which will store and ship your products when you need them. Dot It keeps all your custom print products in stock for you and takes care of one-off shipments, as well as large-scale rollouts to any location across the country. Whether it is smallwares, apparel, swag, banners, menus, table tents, or thermometers, you will never have to worry about your inventory and storage problems again.

Strategic & smooth LTO rollout

Rolling out a new LTO can be tricky, and that is why Dot It provides LTO management services that act as an extension of your marketing, purchasing and operations teams. Dot It will help you to manage LTO rollouts so you don’t have to worry about every franchise. From installing print materials and signage, to communication instructions to each location, you can relax that your LTO will go off without a hitch. Dot It also handles all logistics and shipping!

Offer prizes for credit

You can work with Dot It to create a coupon code for top performing franchises so they can order supplies, marketing material, apparel, swag, etc. at a discount. This is a fun and friendly way to build camaraderie while also rewarding top-performing stores.

Managing franchises can be a challenge, but with Dot It, we’re here with you every step of the way. Do you qualify for a Brand Fulfillment program? Take our quick test!