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Eco-Friendly Packaging: Worth the Cost?

Eco-Friendly Packaging: Worth the Cost?
By Dot It April 30, 2019 1 comment

Eco-friendly packaging, also called sustainable packaging or green packaging, has become the big push of environmentalists over the past decade. While the environmental benefits seem obvious, you may wonder, “Is it really worth the cost?”

Plastic vs. Eco-Friendly Packaging | Price Differences

This is not an easily answered question. There are so many different types of packaging available today. Overall, plastic can sometimes be less expensive than green packaging; however, as scientists continue to make improvements to both plastic and eco-friendly packaging, the status quo is bound to change. The bigger question becomes the incalculable cost to the environment.

What's so Bad About Plastic?

The major issue with plastic is that it is not biodegradable; it will be with us forever, or according to scientific estimates for 2000+ years. Considering that at least 33% of plastic products are used only once and then thrown away, a lot of plastic ends up in our landfills and on our streets. As plastic slowly starts decomposing, harmful chemicals are released that negatively affect our groundwater, health, wildlife, and subsequently bleeds into our food chain.

Benefits of Green Packaging

What is the benefit of green packaging? To start, going green can help decrease the carbon footprint left by industry manufacturing. Since eco-friendly packaging is made from recycled, biodegradable material, fewer natural resources are used for new packages. Eco-friendly packaging also tends to use less resources during the manufacturing process. Green packaging is either biodegradable or re-recycled, therefore reducing long-term harm to the environment.

Green packaging can also improve your company’s brand image. Not only do cautious consumers and investors recognize that you care about the environment and act responsibly to maintain it, going green also reflects on your concern for your customers’(and other people’s) health. Customers will respond well to such changes, ultimately increasing your long-term return on investment.

Planglow Products

For over 30 years multi-award winning Planglow has been a leading supplier of catering and restaurant supplies. In 2011, Planglow introduced environmentally friendly packaging, ranging from sandwich wrappers to beverage containers, as well as labeling for grab and go and hot carryout foods. Dot It carries the full line of Planglow products and is happy to customize those products for your business. Please visit our website to see these ecological, beautifully designed packaging and labeling products.

Let’s help keep the world beautiful and clean!

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