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The Key to Successful Curbside Pickup (Plus Examples)

By Abby Fox January 29, 2021 No comments

The takeout and delivery business is not slowing down. That means it’s time to make sure your curbside pickup process is smooth and quick for your customers. But how do you set up curbside pickup successfully?

The key to successful curbside pickup is simple: great signage.

Introducing NanoDefense – The Self-Cleaning Surface Protection for Common Touchpoints

By Dot It December 11, 2020 No comments

NanoDefense is a self-cleaning film that repels and destroys contaminants on common touch points, such as door handles, buttons, touchscreens, vending and kiosks. NanoDefense Self-Cleaning Film is light-activated and ideal for preventing the growth and spread of bacteria through common touch points in areas where hygiene is of particular importance (healthcare environments, schools, retail environments, and restaurants).

Top 5 Concerns of Dine-In Customers

By Rachel Morgan October 6, 2020 No comments

As restaurants continue to open back up across the country, customers are beginning to feel more comfortable dining in. Restaurants have put several precautions in place to reassure customers of their health and safety practices, including social distancing graphics, table reconfigurations, and facemask mandates. Even so, some customers are still wary of dining in.

Where to Buy Restaurant Guest Checks

By Dot It August 10, 2020 No comments

You may initially think that you do not need guest checks at your restaurant. However, you should consider all of the pros of using guest checks. Guest checks, also called order pads, are an essential item that all restaurants need.

​What is a Tamper-Evident Label?

By Dot It June 30, 2020 No comments

With new rules, regulations, and standards popping up amidst COVID-19, you’ve likely heard of new tamper-proof or tamper-evident delivery solutions. But what is a tamper-evident label?

"This Surface Has Been Sanitized" - All New Housekeeping & Sanitized Labels

By Rachel Morgan June 22, 2020 No comments

Sanitized labels alert customers that additional steps have been taken to clean and sanitize surfaces such as work stations, tables, POS systems, and doorways. As businesses reopen, these "Sanitized" labels will help to ease the minds of your customers and employees. All sanitized labels feature messaging that the surface has been sanitized as well as space to write employee signature, time, or date of last cleaning.

​Ghost Kitchens – All the Information You Need to Know

By Dot It March 3, 2020 No comments

Don’t let the name scare you! Ghost kitchens are not what you may think. A ghost kitchen isn’t a kitchen that is being haunted by ghosts. Ghost kitchens are a growing trend in the restaurant industry, and you may be ordering from one even if you don’t know it!

7 Times Guest Checks Were Featured on TV

By OrderPads February 20, 2020

Restaurant guest checks are a very common site for anyone that dines out. They may even be common to those who stay in, however. Order pads have made several appearances on the big screen, from commercials to TV shows to movies. Here are 7 times guest checks were featured on TV.

​Server Supplies You Can’t Live Without

By OrderPads February 19, 2020 No comments

When it comes to operating a restaurant, keeping track of supply inventory is one of the less exciting parts of the job. Front-of-house items that are used every day are easy to overlook in a busy restaurant. However, your servers always need to be equipped with essential supplies, just like kitchen staff. We’ve rounded up some of the most important and essential server supplies that will ensure an efficient restaurant.

​Order Pad and Guest Check Buying Guide

By OrderPads February 19, 2020 No comments

Order pads, also called guest checks, are an essential item that all restaurants need. But what you may not know is that there are several different features and styles of order pads that you can choose to use at your restaurant. Deciding which order pad is the best one for your restaurant can seem overwhelming. Lucky for you, all you must do is consult OrderPad's handy and helpful buying guide for order pads to learn everything you need to know before purchasing them.