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Instagram = Instacustomers

By Dot It February 9, 2015 No comments

As of December of 2014 there are over 300 million monthly active users of Instagram and over 75 million daily active users. This is a huge audience that should be looking at pictures of your food! Alongside Facebook and Twitter, Instagram needs to be added to your social media marketing arsenal.

Create a Buzz for the Holidays

By Dot It December 12, 2014 No comments

People dine out not only for the food, but also for the experience. Word of mouth advertising is king, so for the holidays you should create an experience that also creates a buzz.

How Yelp Can Boost Your Restaurant Marketing Efforts

By Dot It November 19, 2014 No comments

If you're in the restaurant business, you must be familiar with Yelp. It's that tiny little website that can bring your restaurant to its knees with 5 tiny little stars. Are you getting good reviews? Are you getting bad reviews? What if someone posts something that is untrue?

Are You Making the Most of Your Menu?

By Dot It November 17, 2014 No comments

A big part of dining out is the experience. After a long day, I know I just want to sit down, relax and enjoy the atmosphere. The last thing I want is to be confused or frustrated over what the restaurant is offering me.

October Marketing Ideas Made Easy

By Dot It October 1, 2014 No comments

As we enter the fall season, marketing efforts gravitate toward the usual. Thanksgiving, Christmas, you know the drill. What restaurant owners need to remember is October is jammed packed with marketing ideas!