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October 2020

New Alcohol To-Go Tamper-Evident Labels

By Dot It October 20, 2020 No comments

Dot It has expanded the SecureIt™ tamper-evident label line to include alcohol to-go labels. These specialty alcohol to-go labels safely secure alcoholic beverages and mixed drinks for takeout and delivery orders in accordance with state alcohol laws.

7 Food Safety Tips to Reassure Post-Pandemic Consumers

By Rachel Morgan October 9, 2020 No comments

Consumer behavior experts agree that consumers will continue to be cleanliness-conscious well after the pandemic. To accommodate this new consumer concern, the foodservice industry is being proactive in updating and reinforcing their existing food safety policies and procedures. These food safety practices have been in effect long before the pandemic, however with more consumers focused on health and safety, restaurants are re-evaluating their policies and making their changes more visible.

Top 5 Concerns of Dine-In Customers

By Rachel Morgan October 6, 2020 No comments

As restaurants continue to open back up across the country, customers are beginning to feel more comfortable dining in. Restaurants have put several precautions in place to reassure customers of their health and safety practices, including social distancing graphics, table reconfigurations, and facemask mandates. Even so, some customers are still wary of dining in.