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October 2018

How to Promote a Café

By Rachel Morgan October 24, 2018 No comments

Consumers spend $74.2 billion per year on coffee in the U.S., according to a 2015 study conducted by the National Coffee Association, making cafes a strong frontier for sky-rocketing revenue. However, in an increasingly competitive market, business owners must navigate the promotion of their cafés with more precision than ever.

7 Thanksgiving Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

By Rachel Morgan October 23, 2018 No comments

Thanksgiving promotions can be a better alternative to cutting prices. To attract groups, offer a Friends-giving party with special offers. More importantly, let EVERYONE know about your event via E-blasts, your website and social posts. Promote your special Friends-giving event and restaurant offers to entice customers to make reservations.

What Do All These Teal Pumpkins Mean?

By Dot It October 17, 2018 No comments

Think back to when you were a child and think about Trick-or-Treating, the fun of dressing up, the excitement fueled by all the delicious goodies collected while trailing through the neighborhood. And now imagine you’re a child with a food allergy or juvenile diabetes

Dot It Announces New SecureIt Tamper-Resistant Labels for Food Delivery Packaging

By Rachel Morgan October 9, 2018 No comments

Dot It Restaurant Fulfillment announces the launch of SecureIt™ tamper-resistant labels to its product offerings. These specialty food packaging labels have a strong adhesive backing that adhere to most to-go boxes and bags and is designed with security slits that will separate into pieces if tampered with.

Does Freezing Kill Bacteria?

By Rachel Morgan October 3, 2018 No comments

No, freezing meat and other items does not eliminate bacteria like E. coli or salmonella. In fact, freezing preserves bacteria in food that is already contaminated. This is a lesson that the food industry was reminded of in 2013 when an E. coli outbreak in frozen chicken quesadillas and other snacks sickened 24 people in 15 states.

Top 10 Restaurant Marketing Blogs You Should Be Reading

By Rachel Morgan October 1, 2018 No comments

Every team needs a coach and all coaches need new plays for game day. Stay in the know and learn from leaders on the restaurant scene with our picks for the best restaurant marketing blogs.