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January 2018

How to Build Brand Ambassadors for Your Restaurant

By Dot It January 30, 2018 No comments

In recent years, perhaps no brand has been more successful in building a brand ambassador program than theSkimm. The American media company – known for its daily newsletter – incentivized readers to become “Skimm’bassadors” with free totes for all and trips to New York for the best of them. In less than four years, not only did the company grow to over 3.5 million followers, but also created the custom to list “Skimm’bassador” as part of one’s professional experience on LinkedIn.

10 Creative Restaurant Valentine’s Day Promotions

By Dot It January 22, 2018 No comments

Valentine’s Day is second largest holiday for restaurants in the U.S. Last year, WalletHub estimated that $18.2 billion changed hands to celebrate love, with an average per-couple cost for a Valentine’s evening out of almost $74.

With this in mind, how could you get customers interested in spending their night at your restaurant? There’s no denying that a special moment like Valentine’s Day deserves some serious planning.