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All About SecureIt™ Tamper-Evident Labels

All About SecureIt™ Tamper-Evident Labels
By Dot It May 21, 2019 No comments

What are SecureIt™ Tamper-Evident Labels?

These incredibly adhesive labels will readily stick to paper, plastic, foil, or virtually any carryout container to form a secure bond. If anyone attempts to open the package, the label easily breaks, but cannot be re-secured, thus becoming tamper-evident.

Benefits of Tamper-Evident Labels

Food quality and food safety are vitally important issues to the catering and restaurant industries. SecureIt™ labels ensure your patron that packaged to-go foods have not been tampered with between the final kitchen preparation and the arrival into a customer’s hands. This would include orders placed online and set on ‘carry out’ shelves or pre-packaged items set on the counter for add on purchases.

Tamper-Evident Labels in Food Delivery Programs

Food Delivery Programs (i.e. UberEats, GrubHub, or DoorDash) are the perfect example for the need of tamper-resistant labels. Anecdotal blog stories talk about food received from a delivery service in which containers are only partially full or foreign objects have been placed inside. With the introduction of a third party into a food transaction, risk is introduced. Not only are SecureIt™ labels sturdy but are also a great way to bring peace of mind to your customers.

Dot It wants to help make your Restaurant Life Easy. We feature several types and sizes of SecureIt™ labels, including one for carryout drink lids. Any of our tamper-evident labels can be customized to your branding and design. Contact us at 800-642-3687 or email sales@dotit.com for a quote. Or request a FREE sample of SecureIt™ tamper-resistant labels!