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​7 Tips for Alcohol Delivery

​7 Tips for Alcohol Delivery
By Dot It April 29, 2020 No comments

Alcohol sales in the US make up a large portion of spending. In fact, 2018 saw $253.8 billion in alcohol sales alone. However, with COVID-19 and necessary quarantines, many sales numbers are declining. In order to offset this phenomenon, several state and local governments have made modifications. Common changes deal with alcohol delivery.

For those restaurants operating in states that have allowed alcohol deliveries, a novel opportunity is present. How can you operate under new restrictions? We have several tips for navigating the latest restaurant trend: alcohol delivery.

Tip #1: Check with Local Laws

Before you begin offering alcohol delivery, you’ll want to check and make sure you’ll be in compliance with local and state laws. Alcohol laws deliver largely by state, and occasionally by city/county within the state.

These government rulings have temporarily waived – or at least loosened – local or state regulations regarding alcohol. If you’re not sure about the regulations for your state, check with local government authorities to ensure you are following all laws.

Tip #2: Create an Alcohol Promotion

Promote your alcohol deliveries as a portion of sales. Offer happy hours with reduced prices on select alcoholic beverages, or maybe waive the delivery fees on orders containing alcohol between 5 and 7 PM. You could even offer promotions like reduced price appetizers with the purchase of an alcoholic beverage.

Tip #3: Capitalize on Virtual Parties

Whether it’s a group of local teachers’ happy hour or part of a larger virtual birthday celebration, you can help customer celebrate virtual parties with your alcohol deliveries. Consider offering large-batch drinks that an entire household can enjoy or offer promo codes that multiple groups can use to sip the same drinks from different locations.

Tip #4: Offer a Novelty Drink

One word: quarantini. Creating your own version of a mixed drink to get through the quarantine period can entice your customers to try something new. Promote this drink on social media with a hashtag so you can follow what your customers think about it.

Great quarantinis also come with great garnishes. Add in paper umbrellas, a container or fruit, or sanding sugar to help your customers create the perfect Instagram pic for social sharing.

Tip #5: Seal Your Drinks

There are several food tampering videos that have gone viral in the last few years. The effect of these videos, however, is nowhere near as strong as the effect the pandemic has had on the public. They demand to know that their food is safe and untouched, so make it as evident as possible that your deliveries are tamper-free.

Do this with tamper-evident labeling. Sealed drinks with in-tact tamper labels will give your customers peace of mind. You can also use tamper-evident labels to secure alcohol mini bottles to your drink mixers.

Tip #6: Think Ahead to Upcoming Holidays

Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s Day, college graduations, and Memorial Day are all happening in the month of May. Many of these occasions call for drinks – so be there for your customers. A Mother’s Day brunch special complete with champagne for flavored mimosas or a Cinco de May/Taco Tuesday promotion would go over well with customers.

Be sure to promote your holiday offerings soon on all social media and your website. Your customers can’t order their festive drinks if they don’t know you’re serving them. Also encourage your customers to share their food and drinks on social media.

Tip #7: Brand Your Drinks

Branding is important, no matter the social distancing requirements. It is especially important when your customers are not interfacing with your brick-and-mortar location. If a paper bag and a to-go cup is all they see of you, you’ll want to ensure your branding is represented. Get packaging customized with your logos and messaging.

If you’re unable to get custom packaging, consider investing in custom labels. These can be used to seal your food, hold the receipts on the bags, or just remind your customers who the ordered from. They can even be part of your drink decorations, so your brand is represented in social media posts.