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4 Kitchen Items You Need to Replace or Swap for a Newer Model

4 Kitchen Items You Need to Replace or Swap for a Newer Model
By Dot It July 24, 2019 No comments

Kitchen items, as much as we hope, won’t last forever. That is why over time you need to replace items in your kitchen. Kitchen items like bottles, storage containers, first aid kits, and packaging are some of the first and most important kitchen tools that you need to replace. This guide will help you determine the essential kitchen tools that need to be replaced in your commercial kitchen on a regular basis.

1. Plastic Storage Containers, FIFO Bottles

Over time and use, your plastic storage containers will become harder to clean, contain oil residue, develop stains and start to have an odor. If this sounds like the plastic storage containers and bottles in your kitchen, it is time to replace these items. Generally, these essential kitchen items should be replaced every 1-2 years, depending on how often you use them.

It is best to replace your old containers with a new, clean collection of plastic storage containers and FIFO bottles. Make sure to also purchase some FIFO label sheets and FIFO holders when you are shopping for your new kitchen items. Label sheets will help keep your kitchen organized and everyone informed as to what is in each bottle. A FIFO holder will help keep your kitchen clean and tidy.

2. Food Packaging

If one of your new kitchen items in 2019 isn’t food packaging, then what are you even doing in your kitchen? Fresh packaging can help give your stagnant brand a fresh look. And with Planglow USA’s compostable packaging you won’t have to worry about the environmental footprint your kitchen is leaving behind. Planglow USA can fulfill all of your packaging needs. Their products are 100% compostable and made with plant-based materials. Their products do not contain any oil-based plastics. You can also customize all your packaging and labeling with Dot It’s expert in-house design team and LabelLogic Live.

3. First Aid

Do you even have a first aid kit? Is it the correct size for your staff? Are you low on supplies? First aid kits are an essential kitchen item that must be replaced and refilled over time. You also have to make sure items in the kit haven’t expired. Having a first aid kit is important for the safety of your kitchen staff. Following standards set by OSHA and ANSI are good ways to make your kitchen is a safe place to work.

A great way for restaurants to be compliant with OSHA and ANSI is to use SmartCompliance. SmartCompliance is a first aid kit designed with restaurants in mind. These first aid kits are designed to be OSHA and ANSI compliant, can save you money, can help you with inventory management, and can stop you from having expired products. SmartCompliance, on average, can cut your restaurants’ first aid costs by 50%. And with the SmartTab Ordering System, you will be alerted when supplies are low, making reordering products quick and easy.

4. Automated Labeling

Adding an automated labeler to your kitchen is a great way to save time and kick the old way of writing everything by hand to the curb. The Date Code Genie will help you move into the digital age, saving you time, food, and money. The Date Code Genie is great for creating custom-printed labels, nutritional facts and product identification, and food rotation and date labels.