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25 Fictional Restaurants We'd Love to Eat At

25 Fictional Restaurants We'd Love to Eat At
By Rachel Morgan January 23, 2019 1 comment

Imagine if you could enter into any television show, movie, or book. You’re hungry and looking for some good eats. Where would you go? Who would you like to see? If you need help getting started, consider this list of our 25 favorite fictional restaurants we'd love to eat at.

1. Bob’s Burgers - Bob's Burgers

Bob & Linda Belcher serve a variety of burgers amidst edgy and absurd humor. Try to visit when the "I've Created a Muenster Burger" is the special of the day.

2. Paunch Burger - Parks and Recreation

Come enjoy Pawnee's most famous burger joint. Calorie count: heart attack

3. Arnold’s Drive-In - Happy Days

Hang out with Richie, Fonzie, and the rest of the Happy Days crew of this beloved tv sitcom set during the 1950’s. Aaaaayyyyyyyy!

4. Central Perk - Friends

Enjoy a huge cup of coffee and hear Phoebe’s performance of “Smelly Cat.”

5. Café Nervosa – Fraiser

Join sophisticated Frasier and Niles Crane of “Frasier” fame. Psychoanalysis optional.

6. The Indigo Tea Shop - Tea Shop Mysteries

This tea shop from Laura Child’s cozy mystery series is set in historic Charleston. Be careful, those unique tea blends usually come with a side of murder.

7. Cheers - Cheers

Maybe you’d like to go to a place “where everybody knows your name” and spend time with the cast of tv show Cheers. They’re always glad you came!

There is a small shop in Boston for fans.

8. Joe’s Bar - Grey's Anatomy

Joe's Bar is where doctors from the hit show Grey’s Anatomy let off steam. Speaking of steam, maybe you’ll run into surgeons McSteamy or McDreamy.

9. The Three Broomsticks - Harry Potter series

This butterbeer's on me. Just be sure to tip Madam Rosmerta.

If you take a good look, there are some great recipes out there for homemade butterbeer.

10. Gaston's - Beauty and the Beast

"No one's slick as Gason. No one's quick as Gaston. No one's neck's as incredibly thick as Gaston's"

Check out Gaston's Tavern at Disney World.

11. The Mos Eisley Cantina - Star Wars

The hippest bar in Tatooine serving droids and princesses alike.

12. The Krusty Krab - Sponge Bob Square Pants

What is the Krabby Patty secret formula?!

13. La Ratatouille - Ratatouille

Founded by famous French food critic Anton Ego, Remy the Rat prepares the most exquisite French cuisine at La Ratatouille.

14. Pizza Planet - Toy Story

Not only does Pizza Planet serve the best pizza around, but they also have the best alien slime beverages AND arcade games. Take me to your leader!

There is a real life location at Disneyland Paris.

15. Frozen Banana Stand - Arrested Development

Ask to speak with Mr. Manager.

16. Monk's Café - Seinfeld

Go see Tom's Restaurant, the real exterior of Monk's Cafe at the corner of West 112th Street and Broadway in New York.

17. Los Pollos Hermanos - Breaking Bad

Join the Breaking Bad guys for some conversation about unconventional fundraising while enjoying the best chicken served in the Southwest.

18. The Whistle Stop Café - Fried Green Tomatoes (based on Fannie Flagg’s novel)

Try one of their two specialties – fried green tomatoes or barbecue. The secret’s in the sauce!:

19. Vesuvio – The Sopranos

Enjoy authentic Italian food with Tony and his goons while this place is still standing.

20. The Pie Hole - Pushing Daisies

Combines Nick’s love of pie baking with Emerson Cod’s sleuthing abilities

21. Louie’s Italian Restaurant - The Godfather

A meal you can’t refuse.

22. The Frosty Place- Grease

The Frosty Palace serves a mean milkshake. Have the Dogsled Delight if out on a date.

23. Joe's Pie Diner - Waitress

One slice of I Hate My Husband Pie to go please!

Jan 23, 2019 4:52:32 AM

24. The Chocolate Factory - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Nothing's off limits in the Chocolate Factory - the grass, the tea cups, the wallpaper. Sign me up!

25. Ten Forward - Star Trek: The Next Generation

The best bar of any Galaxy-class starship. Plus, this one has Whoopie.

Have a favorite fictional restaurant you're wish were real? Let us know and we'll add it to the list.

Jason Rowe February 4, 2019 at 7:12 PM
Big Kahuna Burger - They serve a tasty burger
Jackrabbit Slim's - $5 milkshake and dance contest