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Top Tips for Creating Your Food Truck Menu

By Dot It September 11, 2020 No comments

The food truck craze has now slowed down in recent years. In fact, with an increase of awareness for social distancing due to COVID-19, many diners prefer to eat outside, making food trucks an ideal option. When designing your food truck, perhaps one of the most important tasks is creating your food truck menu. Here are our top tips.

Alcoholic Beverage Tamper-Evident Label Laws

By Dot It September 3, 2020 No comments

Due to ever changing COVID-19 restrictions and laws, bars and restaurants remain in a state of limbo between opening fully and remaining closed. Many states are coping with the fluctuation by allowing alcoholic beverages to be delivered, either temporarily or as a permanent change. Laws vary from state to state, but we are beginning to see a new regulation emerge - tamper-evident labels and seals for alcoholic beverages.

Food Safety Training for Delivery Drivers

By Dot It August 25, 2020 No comments

As you know, the food service industry is relying on more and more food delivery to grow and maintain revenue, if not to survive. With the threat of coronavirus and COVID-19, this training and understanding of basic food safety is critical.

This course is designed to give you basic understanding of basic food safety and what your role is in order to protect the food you’re delivering, as well as yourself and your customers.

How to Improve Food Safety in 2020

By Dot It August 20, 2020 No comments

Food safety is always a concern, and it has a certain spotlight on it in the midst of a pandemic. Businesses have changed their models and restaurants have faced regulations that are continuously evolving. However, there is a common goal: keep restaurant employees and customers safe.

Here’s how to improve food safety in your restaurant for 2020.

How 10 Restaurants Use SecureIt Tamper-Evident Labels

By Rachel Morgan August 13, 2020 No comments

SecureIt™ tamper-evident labels have become a staple in the foodservice industry amidst growing consumer concern for food safety during the global pandemic. Many restaurants have taken to securing their takeout packaging with Secure-It tamper-evident labels, including Freebirds World Burrito, Meso Maya, El Fenix, and Rusty Taco. See how these restaurants are using SecureIt™ tamper-evident labels below.

Where to Buy Guest Checks

By Dot It August 10, 2020 No comments

You may initially think that you do not need guest checks at your restaurant. However, you should consider all of the pros of using guest checks. Guest checks, also called order pads, are an essential item that all restaurants need.

Dot It Featured in the Wall Street Journal - How Dot It Pivoted During the Pandemic

By Dot It August 6, 2020 No comments

The COVID-19 pandemic is high on the radar of everyone right now, and this is especially true of small businesses. Many have not fared well, some even closing their doors permanently. However, Dot It’s small but mighty team was able to adapt to survive. Because of this, we were highlighted in the Wall Street Journal as one of five small businesses that pivoted to persist through the hardship.

To read the full article, visit the Wall Street Journal.

What is Print Fulfillment?

By Dot It July 31, 2020 No comments

Print fulfillment is a multi-step fulfillment solution involving the printing, kitting and assembly, warehousing, and distribution of bulk and on-demand print products. Brands seeking print fulfillment services are often looking for ways to streamline their print supply chain while maintaining brand consistency across multiple locations.

​What is a Tamper-Evident Label?

By Dot It June 30, 2020 No comments

With new rules, regulations, and standards popping up amidst COVID-19, you’ve likely heard of new tamper-proof or tamper-evident delivery solutions. But what is a tamper-evident label?

"This Surface Has Been Sanitized" - All New Housekeeping & Sanitized Labels

By Rachel Morgan June 22, 2020 No comments

Sanitized labels alert customers that additional steps have been taken to clean and sanitize surfaces such as work stations, tables, POS systems, and doorways. As businesses reopen, these "Sanitized" labels will help to ease the minds of your customers and employees. All sanitized labels feature messaging that the surface has been sanitized as well as space to write employee signature, time, or date of last cleaning.