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BBQ Fluorescent Red Deli Label | .875"X1.5" Oval | 750/Roll


Contains 750 0.875" x 1.5" fluorescent red BBQ Deli labels. These circular deli tags are a solid bright fluorescent red with stand-out black text to allow for high visibility. Preprinted and smudge proof, this deli label will cut down on preparation time in food service kitchens. These 0.875" x 1.5" Deli labels are efficient and will implement seamlessly in current restaurants and food service establishments cookline procedures. These Deli labels are perfect for labeling a multitude of container types such as plastic, glass, and metal.

Bright fluorescent red 0.875" x 1.5" Deli labels Make Restaurant Life Easy!

  • Label Type: Deli, fluorescent red, "BBQ"
  • Language: English
  • Temperature range: -65F to 180F
  • Unit of Measure: Roll of 750 labels
  • Label Size: 0.875" x 1.5" oval
  • Recommended Dispensers: Item # DAY2114 or Item #DAY1175
  • Note: These rolls do not fit in the DAY2101 or DAY1111 dispensers.