Bag of 2 SmartCompliance Trauma Pad Refill

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Trauma pad refill for SmartCompliance first aid cabinets or standalone item. Contains 2 trauma pads (5 X 9). Trauma pads, or ABD pads, are sterile, absorbent pads used to stop bleeding associated with burns, penetration wounds, fractures, abrasions, and deep lacerations. Provides padding and protection for large wounds. Stop severe bleeding and cover large wounds easily. Highly absorbent and moisture-resistant. Trauma pads have a thick layer that absorbs fluid and prevents pooling. Sterile dressing. Single use only.

Stop severe bleeding quickly!

  • Ideal for treating large wound areas
  • Trauma pad measures 5 X 9
  • Stop severe bleeding and cover large wounds
  • Highly absorbent and moisture-resistant