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Stop Wasting Time, Food & Money!

Print every label your stores need much faster and less expensive than writing by hand.

Custom Printed Labels

Great for Grab n Go, Catering, Branding and more!

Nutritional Facts & Product Identification

Food Rotation & Date Labels

A savings scenario

Your facility uses 200 labels per day.
You pay an employee $7.50 per hour to hand write them.
It takes a typical employee 80 minutes to complete 200 labels.
You pay $70/week to write labels = $3,640 per year
With Date Code Genie, the same employee can print 200 labels in just 3.5 minutes.
That is a 95% reduction in labor costs.

Annual savings = $3,458

Customer Training

That help we were talking about, here it is. Training videos and webinars, or if you want to read, we have a manual too.

Dedicated Support

When you want help from a real person, we have a full time support team you can call.

Valued Warranty

If something goes wrong, we make it right. It’s a simple approach to quality service.

Keep it Simple.

choose your prep
tap to print
peel and stick

Partnering with Great Restaurants for Over 30 Years!

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