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8 Qt Green San Jamar Kleen-Pail® Bucket

Available While Supplies Last

This 8 quart Kleen-Pail® bucket meets HACCP dedicated use guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing cloths used to wipe down surface areas. The bright green color shows up easily in busy work environments, ensuring it is never overlooked or mistaken for a food-safe container. Make it easy to separate containers used for food storage from those used for dangerous non-food purposes. This 8qt Kleen-Pail® eliminates any potential confusion between cleaning and sanitizing solution containers. Green Kleen-Pails® are used for cleaning solutions. Also comes in Red, for sanitizing solutions.

Makes restaurant life easy!

  • Product Capacity: 8qt
  • Product Type: Kleen-Pail®, bucket
  • Product Material: Plastic, metal handle
  • Product Color: green