4"x24" Padded Flexible Splint

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Contains one padded aluminum splint per order. This splint measures 4 X 24 and has a flexible aluminum center that bends easily around joint and body parts while still holding shape. It can be shaped and molded around various body parts including arms, wrists, lower leg, ankle or neck. This first aid splint has an aluminum base with padded foam to use for sprains, strains or fractures. Once the splint is properly molded, use tape to hold it down in place. This radiolucent splint does not need to be removed during S-rays and can be cut to size and shape. Use this padded splint to meet the new 2016 requirement for a first aid splint in all class B first aid kits.

Easy to mold cut and shape!

  • One 4 x 24 Padded Splint
  • Cuts easily with ordinary scissors
  • Meets new ANSI kit requirements
  • SKU: FA336007
  • Part Description: 4"x24" Padded Flexible Splint
  • Net Weight: 0.500000
  • Net Weight Unit of Measure: LB
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