16 oz Portion Pal 3-Hole Dispenser | 1 Trigger & 3 Bottles

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  • FIFO-PP-16X3-3
16 oz Portion Pal 3-Hole Dispenser | 1 Trigger & 3 Bottles


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This FIFO Portion Pal sauce dispenser kit is the perfect starter set for restaurants wanting to convert to more ergonomic, First In First Out Sauce Dispensing systems. The handle is ergonomically designed, with a top trigger which minimizes counterspace. The interchangeable handle allows for either adjustable or fixed portion control. There are different color rings for the different portion sizes possible. The bottom dispensing design, complete with silicone valves, is fast, consistent, and provides nearly 100% sauce dispensing yield. The quick reloading cartridge is interchangeable, refillable, and easy to clean. The entire system assembles and disassembles in seconds for easy cleanup. NSF Approved.

Makes Restaurant Life Easy!

  • Kit Includes:
    • 3) 24 oz Portion Pal Bottles
    • 1) Handle
    • 1) Red Portion Ring for 1/4 oz portions
    • 1) Green Portion Ring for 1/3 oz portions
    • 1) Blue Portion Ring for 1/2 oz portions
    • 1) Black Portion Ring for 1 oz portions
    • 1) White Portion Ring for Variable portions (1/4 oz to 1 oz)

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