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20 Sting Relief Wipes & 10 Hydrocortisone Packets

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Contains 20 sting relief wipes and 10 packets of hydrocortisone cream. Sting wipes provide temporary relief from the pain and itching that comes from insect bites and stings, as well as minor burns and scrapes. These wipes are individually packaged for single use and contain SD Alcohol 60% and Benzocaine 6%. The hydrocortisone cream also provides pain relief from the itching associated with skin irritation, inflammation and rashes. Each packet contains 0.9 grams of hydrocortisone cream. Easy to fit in any first aid kit, use these packets as refills for a current kit or keep on hand for stand alone first aid.

Convenient itch relief!

  • 20 sting relief wipes
  • 10 packets of hydrocortisone cream
  • SKU: FAE-7115
  • Part Description: 20 Sting Relief Wipes & 10 Hydrocortisone Packets
  • Net Weight: 0.040000
  • Net Weight Unit of Measure: LB
  • UPC: 092265711555
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