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2"X4" Date Code Genie® SecureIt™ Tamper-Proof Label | RCR 252/Roll 4/Pack


2"X4" Date Code Genie SecureIt™ Label | 252/Roll 4/Pack

2"X4" Date Code Genie SecureIt™ tamper-evident labels. The SecureIt™ labels are specially designed to tear if tampered with and fit in the Date Code Genie automated label printer. Give customers peace of mind their food has gone untouched with the SecureIt™ Date Code Genie labels!

  • Labels intended for use with the Date Code Genie label printer
  • Label measures 2"X4"
  • Designed to tear if tampered with
  • Ideal for to-go, catering and delivery packaging

Want custom SecureIt™ labels?

Brand SecureIt™ labels with your business logo, slogan or special messaging. Contact or call 800-642-3687 to learn more.