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2 WoundSeal Powder/Pour Packs


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One order contains one box of blood clot powder packets. Each box contains two packets of blood clot powder and 50 sterile, 1 x 3 waterproof bandages. This non-toxic blood clot powder stops bleeding in seconds forming a protective seal over the wound. Nothing will come in or go out of the wound. The powder is hypoallergenic does not cauterize the skin and isn't metabolized by the body. To use pour Wound Seal Powder on bleeding wounds and apply pressure for 30 seconds. Proven technology used by leading hospitals, pro sports teams, the U.S. Military, EMS providers and in thousands of occupational workplaces.

Safe and easy to use!

  • Contains two single use packets and 50 sterile, 1 x 3 waterproof bandages
  • Easily fits into first aid kits and cabinets

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